Monday, February 12, 2018

Intro to Art- Typography

lesson inspired by
Day Two

Look at the artwork below  LIST WHAT YOU SEE... what are the elements and principles....?  Use the back of your worksheet.

Complete your worksheet by viewing the power point presentation. Turn paper in to Mrs. Hurd at the end of the hour.

Demuth typography from Ondrian Duncan Reid

Day 3Instructions:
  1. Choose 5-7 Letters, Numbers & Characters to draw.Create the Design on the computer using Word or Docs:
  2. Use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create your basic composition.
  3. Insert “word art”-the outline only style- individually of 5-7 Letters, Numbers & Characters.
  4. Overlap, twist (rotate), and have the letters go partially off the page to make the composition more interesting.
  5. Save the document to the desktop as “Your Name ART”.
  6. Must use each of the 4 styles of lettering for a different letter or number (there will be repeated styles depending on how many letters you put in your design).

Tips for design:
Vary the sizes and angles of the letters/numbers
Overlap some of the letters/numbers.

Have some of the designs go off the page.

3 inch GRID image

On a 12×18” sheet of white paper, in pencil draw a 3” square grid.
(Or create random diagonal lines- I’m going to do this next time!)

Draw your design in pencil. Draw light until you know its right!!!

LETTERS, Numbers & Characters:  will be rendered in color. Use colored pencils/markers for the letters/numbers. 

Make sure you choose your focal point to be in color and balance the other colors throughout the piece.

BACKGROUND: background will be in black & white-create a positive & negative space reversal patterns in your art. Use Sharpies for the background. Create various patterns in the background to change the values.

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