Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Organ/ Tissue Donor Poster Contest
Sponsored by Illinois Secretary of State

Drawing students will be creating original posters to be sent into the Illinois Organ Donor Poster Contest.

Some slogan ideas....

  • Story of Life After Death
  • With your help the world will keep turning
  • Love, Life, Donate
  • Live life and pass it on
  • Recycle Yourself
  • Sharing is Caring
  • Donating is proof there is life after death
  • Give the gift of life
  • The gift that keeps on giving

Sculpture Introduction to Robert Indiana

Who is Robert Indiana?  Research & Create!

Get to know the artist

Art Zinger:  Use Mr. Indiana's LOVE sculpture & print for inspiration. Create your own word drawing.  Stack, loop, tangle the letters...add color.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Drawing Critique

We will have group art critique on Wednesday.  We will be looking at your final Jasper Johns project. First rate your success with the rubric, then we will evaluate the groups work via the critique ball.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Texture Landscape

Sculpture Class
When you are finished with your Landscape Project, please read through the rubric and rate yourself.
Turn in to Mrs. Hurd to complete grading process.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Postitive and Negative Fun in the Artroom

This week Intro. to Art students learned all about positive and negative space/shapes.  After defining vocabulary words and a warm up sketch they were ready to start the group project.
Objective:  Students were to find interesting shadows around the artroom, trace them onto newsprint using graphite pencils (discussed composition & overlap), and finally add colored pattern into the negative space using markers.
It was great to see the students enthusiasm!  Keep up the good work Intro Students!  More finished examples to follow.

I'm sure after this exercise you will all be ready for observational drawing next week!  Here is a sneak peek...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Texture Landscape Collage

Sculpture Class
We have been talking about texture- Real & Implied, as well as Abstracted.
Today I want you to put that knowledge to use.
Example Artist:

Objective:  We will be creating a Textured Landscape Collage.

#1 Watch video below, google textured landscape collage to see examples, google landscapes to find a reference photo.  Copy and paste reference photo into Microsoft Word...crop, adjust color, and/or resize as needed.

 #2  Use printed refence photo, and create a simplified sketch in sketchbook.  Make sure to fill up the entire space.  Look at reference photo and break it down into simple shapes.  Watch demo below.

Squint your eyes and look at your picture.  Sometimes this help the simpler shapes appear more visible.  This technique tunes out the extras.

No focus on the contours of the shapes you see and begin drawing.  Use a pencil and draw lightly until you are happy with the composition.  Draw what you see!  At that point you may sharpie your lines.

See the simple shapes, and outlines? Here is what the finished line drawing should look like.

Now its time to choose a color scheme.