Monday, March 30, 2015

Graphic Design Illustrations

Directions:  Remember that doodle promt you created?  We are going to spruce that up today in photoshop.  It will be the background to our illustration.  Look below and find your doodle.  Right click< save as< jpeg into your student folder.
  • Open up a blank document in photoshop
    8.5 x 11 300 ppi
  • Open saved doodle print
  • Ctrl +T to resize
  • Create mulitiple layers and change blending options
  • Copy and paste certain parts of the design and layer
  • Adjust the brightness contrast
  • Adjust the levels
  • Add color
Use your imagination!  The possibilities are endless.  Show we what you've learned thus far this semester.

201503301219 from Natalie Hurd

If you happen to get finished you can get a jump start on tomorrows Assignment.  Create a simple cartoon face with pencil.  Scan image into computer & save as jpeg to your folder.
Open scanned image into photoshop and trace using the Pen Tool.
Color image using the paint bucket.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


As the picture demonstrates:
Warp threads are vertical & Weft threads are horizontal.
It is important to pay close attention to how hard you pull the edges
of your weaving.  The edges are called the selvage and the this should
be kept strait.

Find vocabulary words

Crafts Class
The Art of Weaving

First, you need to know the vocabulary that we will be using throughout the entire lesson.  Please write down the following words in your sketchbook/notebook and define.

2. Loom
3. Warp
4. Weft
5. Shed
6. Selvage
7. Plain
8. Tabby
9. Basket
10. Vertical Bars
11. Interlocking/Dovetail
12.  Manipluated Weft
13.  Twining
14.  Ghoirdes Knots
15.  Soumak

Second, lets brainstorm.  What are the possibilities of your weaving? Create 3 different thumbnail sketches in sketchbook.  Think about types of weaving, color schemes, and thickness or thiness of your patterns as well as any extra supplies you might want.

Third, it is time to warp the loom.

Fourth, weaving time!