Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Graphic Design & Computer Assisted Art

Watch the following tutorial.  Look at the list below, and create a pop art style poster to advertise the different courses offered in art at f.c.h.s.  The poster should have a the class title, teacher (Mrs.Hurd), and an image/focal point- all of which should be in the pop art style (like the tutorial).

Monday, May 9, 2016

Graphic Design and Comp Assist Art

Final Assignment:
Complete and Print out

Graphic Design and Comp Assisted Art

Tuesday's 5/10 Assignment for Comp Assist
Wednesday 5/11 Assignment for Graphic Design:

Complete one of these tutorials when finished with the tiny planet tutorial!
Save file, print (Don't forget to hit scale to media), and turn in to Mrs. Hurd


Mrs. Hurd's link to help get you started

Mrs. Hurd's link to photoshop file to help get you started if you are lost....



Graphic Design & Computer Assisted Art

MONDAY 5/9 Assignment COMP ASSIST (TUESDAY 5/10 for Graphic Design)
Directions:  Follow along with this tutorial. Save file. Print out file, and turn into Mrs. Hurd.