Monday, December 8, 2014

Wood Burning with Sculpture Class

Here is a video clip from one of my favorite artist/blogger Alisa Burke.  She does lots of things with the wood burner...spoons, blocks, rings, buttons.  Get inspired!!

Also checkout all the ideas I found on pinterest.  Click on the link.  If you find one you like print it off and use it as a reference image for your thumnail sketches!
Mrs. Hurd's Pyrography Board

Practice Worksheets & Reference.

In case you missed it in class, click on the worksheet and print.

Pen Tool Drawing in Computer Assisted Art

Reference photos from

Excellent Video Tutorial Describing the Pen Tool!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yearbook Cover Inspiration

Rember to use Pop Art Style...Comic book-esque.
  • Bold Colors
  • Black Outlines
  • Dots
  • Block Letters with Drop Shadows
  • Word
  • Arrows, Zig Zags & Diagnol Lines

It must also say:       Adventures of...