Thursday, September 21, 2017

Room in 1 point Perspective 

We will be creating a room in 1 point perspective.  Everything drawn must recede to the vanishing point, and you will need to shade in order to create a sense of depth.

Consider Composition
Draw Big
Fill UP the paper
Draw lines off the page if needed
Things are smaller and dull as they go into the distance away from the viewer

room in 1 point perspective

horizon line

vanishing point

receding lines

grid in perspective


Monday, September 11, 2017

Painting a Triptych

We will be painting a triptych painting.  The painting will focus on color schemes, and painting techniques.

Greek Art

This week we will explore Greek Art

First watch this video: (stop at 4:40 min.)

Next watch this youtube video and take notes to learn proper terminology.
You will need to turn in a simple column with the parts labeled when the video is over.

Now we will complete a guided drawing in class.
Here is link for inspiration: