Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Intro to Art-Typography Demuth

Day Three

Project Objective:
You will be creating a typography design in Microsoft Word.  You will learn how to create a grid using Microsoft word. 

When you are finished you will have something that resembles this below.  You will need to save to your student folder, and you will need to print out 2 copies of your design.

  • Choose 5-7 letters, numbers, & characters to draw.
  • The letters and numbers can have meaning, or they can be completely random.
  • Overlap, twist (rotate), and have letters go partially off the page to make the composition more interesting.
  • Create a design using Microsoft Word.
  • Try to use each of the three types of lettering. Gothic, Roman, Serif, Sans Serif
  • Try to vary the sizes and angles of the letters and numbers.
  • Follow the instructions below.

Creating the Composition
  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Create a New Blank Document
  3. Click Layout
  4. Click Orientation 
  5. Click Landscape
  6. Click Align
  7. Click Grid Settings
  8. Check Display gridlines on screen
  9. Type 12 in the Vertical Box
  10. Type 12 in the Horizontal Box
  11. Click Insert
  12. Click Word Art
  13. Choose a letter or number and adjust Font, Font Size
  14. Move the Letter or Number to the desired area on grid
  15. Repeat steps 11-14 creating new letters and numbers in different fonts and sizes.
  16. Double Click on the Heading portion and type your name.

Creating the Grid
  1. Click Insert Shapes
  2. Click Line 
  3. Trace over the all the gridlines using the shape, line tool.
  4. Save to your student folder NOT THE COMPUTER
  5. Print 2 copies of the image.

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