Monday, February 12, 2018

Crafts-Neo-Folk Art

Day One:
Watch video and Complete worksheet.
Inspired by traditional art forms and neon colors of the ’80s, artist Kristin Farr explores a legacy of folk art infused with her own contemporary viewpoint. Then Farr shows you how she creates one of her signature paintings: the Magic Hecksagon. Follow along as she measures and designs a hexagon pattern, then add your own magic colors to it! Check out the entire collection of KQED Art School videos!

Magic hexagons from Natalie Hurd

Day Two:

1)  POWERPOINT --->How to create the layout
Follow the step by step instructions and begin creating your design inspired by Kristin Farr

How to make a magic hexagon design from Natalie Hurd

you may google Kristin Farr to see more designs, or google HEX Signs
Related image
Image result for kristin farr neo folk art
Image result for Hex signs

1)   --->How to add color to your shapes.
Click Insert

Click Shapes
Click Free Form Shape
Click on the desired shape you wish to fill in.
Click Fill Color, Click Shape Fill, Click more colors and choose what color you would like.  Keep repeating until you have added color and pattern to the entire image.

2)  THUMBNAIL SKETCH Kristin Farr Tutorial:
If you have finished the design for today watch the video and create thumbnail sketch/artist plan

Image result for painting magic hexagons kristin farr

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