Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sketchbook Ideas to Make your book better!!!

Here are some old and new ideas... the earlier ones in the list are more simple than the later ones.
  • Outside vs Inside
  • Object suspended in colored dish detergent
  • Pile of pillows
  • Fabric with a pattern
  • Childlike drawing made into fine art
  • Close up to abstraction
  • Insets, drawings within a drawing
  • How it works: Inner workings of a machine
  • A word and visual description
  • Contour line drawing using only letters: Repetition
  • Masking tape patterns and color
  • 2 old drawings torn apart and made new
  • Draw on top of an old drawing
  • Insects
  • Man made vs natural
  • Opposites collage
  • Less than an inch (small objects in repetition)
  • Mechanics of an object…create a drawing as a designer would have first drawn it
  • A chair as a self portrait
  • Mundane
  • Accidents…random acts of art
  • Exaggeration
  • Value study with dried up markers
  • 5 Drawings on top of each other
  • Numbers: How many ways
  • Geometric COLLAGE:
  • Linear Line Drawing of Organic Objects
  • Jim Dine: TOOLS
  • Negative Space Only
  • How do I love art: Let me count the ways!!
  • I hate these things!
  • Dirty water drawing with Sharpie (weighted line)
  • Drawing with colored paper
  • Only object I found at this location_____? Collage Design only, No other media.
  • Dots to Drawing: Only a pencil eraser and ink... Stamp your heart out!!
  • Non – Objective
  • Oops, Wrong Color?
  • Lonely…Object
  • Messiest vs cleanest
  • Contradiction
  • Ballpoint pen only!!
  • Everything in my backpack... Wow me!!
  • Music to my ears.
  • Normal
  • Not Normal
  • Plugged in.
Interior: Non-traditional, no buildings... more like the inside of a purse
Extreme light source
Shoes as a portrait
Extreme perspective
All that and a bag of chips
Reflective Identity
One of these things are not like the other one
Hanging or suspended
Free Space
Do you dream in color?
10 things I love about you. (take off of the movie... they are to merge 10 objects that express who they are)
I also like to give the words that they do not know as a prompt and they have to look up the definition
Additional Sketchbook Assignments

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