Monday, October 2, 2017

Sculputure Class-Henri Moore Inspiration


Sketchnoting Defined - Doug Neill, Verbal To Visual, visual note-taking, sketchnoting in the classroom

1.   Create a page of Verbal (written notes) & Written Notes
Facts, interesting lettering, bullets, and graphics

Image result for visual verbal notes
Image result for visual verbal notes

Henry Moore, Eight Sculpture Ideas 1980-81

2.  Print out 3- 5 examples of Moore's Sculpture.
(Right Click and Copy and Paste images into Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  The images need to all fit on one page.  Only print ONCE.  If it doesn't print it might be out of paper, or toner- do not keep clicking print!)

3.  Cut out and Glue images into sketchbook with glue stick.

4.  Create an entire page of sketches using your reference images.  Add as much detail as possible.  You need to shade, and you can add color with colored pencils, markers, watercolor, or ink pen.  YOU CHOOSE.
a level artist research -- this is an incredibly interesting article

UNIT 3 Personal Study

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